2023 Southwire Portland E-Prix RV Club

Terms & Conditions

  1. The price of each recreational vehicle space is $700.00 for a trackside space, or $500 for non-trackside. In exchange, RV Club Participant shall receive three days overnight parking (June 22 - 24, 2023), eight (8) Weekend Admission, one (1) recreational vehicle pass, and one (1) tow vehicle pass. No power, water or cable is included. Only standard-sized recreational vehicles are permitted. Sanitation services will be available at an additional cost.
  2. All sales are final. There are no refunds or cancellations.
  3. RV Club access will begin at 8:00 am, Thursday, June 22, 2023. The RV Club will close at 11:00 am, Sunday, June 25, 2023. The area must be completely vacated and left in clean condition.
  4. Personal golf carts, scooters, ATVs, side by sides and similar vehicles are NOT permitted.
  5. Campfires/Ground fires are not allowed. Fires must be contained in a portable and self-contained unit that is propane and designed to be a fire pit off the ground with a flame height less-than 4-inches.  NO WOOD campfires are allowed
  6. A track feed television hookup may be available from the official vendor. Contact information will be provided to purchasers once confirmed.
  7. No outside alcohol is allowed at Portland International Raceway. It is a violation of Portland City Law (14A.50.010 Alcohol on Public Property and Public Rights of Way - Amended by Ordinance No. 184596) to bring alcohol in to the PIR venue and that includes outside the gates in the Broadacre (that is also PIR property). Alcohol may ONLY be purchased from the licensed PIR contracted food and service vendor, on-site. Offenders will be asked to dispose of their alcoholic beverages and if uncooperative, may be asked to leave PIR and are subject to a 30-day ban from all Portland Parks.
  8. Portland International Raceway is a smoke and tobacco free facility as a city park.
  9. Due to the sensitive grass area where recreational vehicles will be parking, there will be NO DUMPING of any liquid allowed. Promoter will contract with a local sanitation service to provide service for removal of all water and waste during the event. RV Club Participant is required to use promoters approved sanitation service at the cost of the RV Club member. Contact information will be provided.
  10. All recreational vehicle spaces may only be used by RV Club Participant and guests.
  11. Recreational vehicle spaces and passes are not to be utilized for corporate hospitality or entertaining, including but not limited to: part of promotional campaigns, and/or contest prizing. Use of recreational vehicle space may only be utilized as part of private business-to-business campaign if RV Club Participant obtains prior approval from GSP. RV Club spaces cannot be resold. No third party vendors, rentals, or exhibitors are authorized to supply products or services without prior approval from GSP.
  12. Signage, displays, selling of merchandise, promotional activities (i.e., signage, viewing, etc.), private/outside catering are not allowed within the recreational vehicle area. GSP reserves the right to remove any displays at any time. No structures, tents, platforms, bleachers, scaffolding allowed. Awnings attached to recreational vehicles are allowed, providing they do not extend beyond the allotted space.
  13. RV Club Participant will use discretion, whereas all materials must be focused on private activity and are not to be used as a means of advertising or promotional leveraging seen by the general public.
  14. RV Club Participant will act responsibly and be considerate of others. Excessive noise will NOT be permitted. Compliance with the noise ordinance for the City of Portland will be enforced. Quiet hours are from 10pm – 9am. Generators cannot run during quiet hours if they impact neighbors.
  15. Drones are strictly prohibited. In accordance with FAA regulations, PIR does not permit the use of UAS/Drones for any type of commercial photography or videography at any time on the facility. Recreational use of UAS at PIR is also not permitted.
  16. Event organizers do not encourage bringing pets to the track, but we do allow them. Pets are the responsibility of the pet owner. Pet owners are liable for any injury or damage caused by their pets. All pets must be kept under the control of a leash no longer than 6 ft. Please be courteous and clean up after your pet. Failure to do so will result in removal from the event. Pets are not permitted in any buildings, concession areas, grandstands or viewing mounds, hospitality locations, paddock/garage areas, or pit lane. Event organizers reserve the right to restrict/remove disruptive or exotic pets. If your pet disrupts or causes harm to another individual or property, you and your pet may be removed from the facility without a refund.
  17. GSP reserves the right to remove any vehicle from any lot for any reason at any time.
  18. GSP is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage suffered or caused by RV Club Participant. RV Club Participant is parking at his/her own risk.
  19. Space is assigned at the discretion of GSP. The use of ropes and stakes to save space will not be allowed.
  20. A valid parking permit must be displayed at all times on all vehicles for admission.
  21. Port-o-lets and trash barrels are provided around the event site for your convenience. Please leave them in the areas where they are placed. If you require additional port-o-lets or trash barrels please make arrangements with official supplier.
  22. The posted 15mph speed limit will be strictly enforced.
  23. Fire lanes must remain open at all times.
  24. All rules and regulations of the state and local health departments must be obeyed.
  25. Dumping of waste or wastewater is prohibited. NO swimming pools.
  26. Firearms or weapons of any kind will NOT be allowed.
  27. Fireworks of any type, selling of firewood, or open ground fires are prohibited.
  28. Any decision interpreting or enforcing Rules & Regulations is at the discretion of GSP.
  29. Violations of these policies may result in eviction from all event property. All RVs are subject to search upon arrival to the property.